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Our registered office headed by the customer success engineers and marketing evangelist.

Manhattan, New York
United States of America
+1 631 333 1116
Mon-Fri 8:00am-6:00pm
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welcome to our Company

Orchidkart is ISO 9001:2008 certified Web & Mobile design/ development service provider firm (Legal name: Erience Solutions, LLC) located in New York, the United States with the development center in India. With our growing reputation combined with exceptional talent, passion for technology and becoming a partner with clients - we have been able to achieve 94% client repetition ratio in diversified industries across the globe.

There are a lot of companies that do what we do. But our clients choose to work with us because of "who we are and what we like to do".

- orchidkart team

At Orchidkart, we're about people and have nurtured one of the world’s best team of innovators, designers, analysts, software developers and computer scientists focused on delivering the cutting edge business solutions. Coupled with innovative design practices, our focus is to provide end-to-end digital, technology and marketing services to small businesses, enterprises, and start-ups.

our story

Our company do not only follow the success story of Jack Ma (Alibaba Group), but also worship his story and live the same everyday!

In earlier days, We were just a bunch of freelancers passionately working 24*7*365 for something we love(Coding). Over the period of time, the friendship grew and so does the client base and we finally decided to re-brand ourselves with a status of an Agency. From the day one of our professional careers, We have seen several hiccups, blunders, broken trusts, but, We survived all of that. Today, no matter what, whether profit or loss, we honor our commitments and that's what defines us, that's what differentiates us from others.


How can we help your buisness grow?

Orchidkart is not only an Internet company but also a full fledged state of the art remote web development center also. Outsource all of your design/ development projects and back office operations to us.

  • Offers 40-60% cost savings compared to traditional development.
  • Better control over development process with low risk and high return.
  • Devoted and motivated team of professionals at a click away.
  • Full IP rights (Intellectual Property Rights) protection.
  • Timezone hurdle protected development center.
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